our services

Pressure measurement
Audiometric test
Lobe drilling
24h blood pressure monitor
24h dynamic cardiac holter
Magneto therapy
MOC: ultrasound computerized bone mineralometry
Cosmetic department and days for beauty treatments
Department for celiacs
Sports nutrition and integration department
Caregiver service (cohabiting or for some hours/day)
Rental and assembly of medical aids (prams, beds, mattresses)
Nutritionist advice
Naturopathic consultancy
Home delivery
Dedicated days and promotions

pharmacy analysis

Blood glucose test, cholesterol (hdl, ldl, total), triglycerides, Transaminase (ggt, alt, ast), creatinine, glycated hemoglobin
Allergic tests for inhalants and / or foods
Food intolerance test
PSA monitoring the health status of the prostate over 45
Celiac disease test
Gluten sensitivity test
Intestinal dysbiosis test
Complete blood count with formula

Galenic Laboratory

Our pharmacy hosts a fully-equipped masterly, officinal and herbal galenic preparations lab.

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